We recently had the chance to speak with John Tunay, Product Marketing Manager at SecureAge Technology, who shared with us great insights into the company’s journey in the cybersecurity industry and their experience working with the Avangate Affiliate Network.

1. Could you briefly describe the company you are working for, SecureAge Technology, for our readers?

SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore. With 19 years of experience, we’re trusted by governments, research institutes, and forward-thinking organizations across Asia. We believe that security and usability should go hand in hand, and we design security for the only thing that has value, which is the data itself. Therefore, the data is protected whether it is stored, in transit, or in use.


2. Your security solutions are designed in a way that removes the human element, so that 100% data security is possible. How is that achieved?

At SecureAge, we have the strong belief that users shouldn’t have to become cybersecurity experts to escape data liabilities, and we should take the burden of cybersecurity completely away from users. By removing the human element, users no longer need to sort out which is the “sensitive” data. We understand that all data is sensitive, and actively choose to encrypt all data – whether it is stored, in transit, or in use, or even if the data is stolen and deemed useless.

3. You recently launched CatchPulse in May. Can you share more on how it helps or replaces existing anti-virus solutions in the market?

CatchPulse protects Windows home devices, enterprises, and governments from the increasing number of security threats. Powered by an AI engine, with a centralized dashboard to manage multiple devices, and with multiple cloud AV scanners, CatchPulse is always-on, catching unknown threats in real-time that traditional anti-virus solutions may miss.


4. This year you started collaborating with 2Checkout’s Avangate Affiliate Network. Can you please share a few words about the challenges and opportunities you saw by opening this sales channel?

Our partnership with 2Checkout gives us the confidence and the resources needed to work with affiliates. It allows us to extend our horizons and approach a new and exciting sales channel. Through this platform, we can easily manage our affiliate partnerships and sales, while our customers can make their orders and transactions with peace of mind.

With this partnership, we wanted to ensure that we allocated enough time and resources to not only successfully start our journey with the Avangate Affiliate Network, but also setting us up for success in the long run.

The 2Checkout team has been a tremendous help to us and has supported our journey from the beginning. We look forward to continuing to build strong partnerships with our affiliates.

5. What are your marketing goals for the rest of 2022, on the performance-based channels? Have you had to adapt your marketing strategy in a post-pandemic world?

Living in a post-pandemic world means that we need to rely more on channels that people can easily relate to, as it builds trust – a key component of cybersecurity. When people trust your affiliates, they likely also trust your brand over time.

Since we recently launched CatchPulse, for the rest of 2022 we’ll be focusing our resources on helping more customers in the market understand the urgency of protecting themselves from malware attacks, and why they should choose CatchPulse. On top of that, we’re looking forward to increased sales through the affiliate network.


6. To wrap things up, affiliate marketing stands for communication, building strategic partnerships with key affiliates, and performance-based rewards. Can you please tell us what you appreciate the most in a business relationship?

We work best with partners who are passionate about technology and cybersecurity but can convey it well to their audience.

Since the start of our journey in cybersecurity, one of our priorities has been to build solutions that are simple to use while making sure we don’t compromise on security. It is often those that do not understand how things work who fall victim to cyberattacks, so we go to great lengths to achieve this goal with every new solution or product update we bring on the market. This is why we appreciate partners who not only go the extra mile to create value for their customers but also manage to communicate it efficiently.

It was a pleasure to learn more about SecureAge and their journey with 2Checkout’s Avangate Affiliate Network, and we hope you enjoyed it too. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews!

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