Private Nameserver series

Creating Private Nameservers at

This demo assumes you have a domain name registered through, and starts from their home page

Now let’s learn how to create/register private nameservers (or custom nameservers)

Creating (or registering) private nameservers must be done with the domain registry where the domain name resides; to create here, the domain must be at this registry

1) Click Customer Login

2) Enter your User Name and Password in the boxes here

3) Then click Log In

You are now logged in to your account

4) Click Manage Domains

Creating private nameservers in is a bit different than most domain registrars

First, we must create two subdomains off of the domain we’re creating the nameservers for

5) Go to New and click Create Subdomain

6) Enter ns1 and make sure the right domain is selected

7) Now follow the same steps to create a second subdomain called ns2

The next step is to point the two subdomains we just created to each of the two IP addresses your host should have provided for you

8) Select the first subdomain

9) Go to DNS and select Edit DNS Settings

10) Under Advanced DNS Settings, select Other IP Address

11) Enter the first IP Address

12) Then click OK

13) Click Go To Overview

14) Now follow the same steps for the second subdomain

Make sure the second IP Address you enter is different than the first

Now that our subdomains are set up, we can use them as our private nameservers

15) Select the domain name you want to use to create private nameservers

16) Go to DNS and click Edit DNS Settings

17) Next to Name Server, select My name server

18) Enter the two subdomains we created in the boxes here

19) Then click OK

Note: “registering private nameservers” requires you to register two separate nameservers (i.e. ns1 and ns2), each with it’s own unique IP address

Remember that after you submit your new nameservers and IP addresses to the registry, it can take 24-48 hours for the new nameservers to propagate, after you make these DNS changes (just like for new domain name registrations)

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to register/create new private (or custom) nameservers. Remember that the domain name for which you want nameservers created, must reside in this registry

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