There’s a great deal of importancy on your domain name and owning and registering your own domain name cannot be over-emphasised enough.
Your domain name is imperative to your online success of your website!

Why register a domain name?
In order to sell on the internet, you need to build up your credibility. Having your own domain name is the first step in that process.

You need a domain name if you’re serious about being an online entity, it’s where you’ll direct all your potential customers to.
To attract customers, you’ve got to make a good first impression, and having your own domain and website hosting account is one of the best impressions you can set!

Get a tangible edge over your competitors!
It is essential that your business secures an online presence. Putting the technical jargon aside, a domain name does this by giving you an exclusive address on the internet. The domain is most commonly used to identify your website and email address but can also be used for other online functions.

Promote your own domain name
You can promote your website instead of someone else’s when you’re sending emails as your domain name will be in the email address, for example is helping to promote

Your likely to have more traffic to your website with your own domain name because more people will be returning as they can remember your address and because many search directories such as Yahoo only index websites with their own domain name.

To summarise – selecting the right domain name is crucial!
The right domain name can increase your search engine ranking. Research shows, that web sites that use their product or identity in their domain name rank higher when their customers search for their product or business through the search engines.

All in all a domain name gives you an online presence and is the gateway for customers to reach you. My advice would be to try to align the domain name to the business name as much as possible and make it memorable, short and easy to remember. If your business has not yet progressed to having a website, you should still secure your domain name for the future!

Transferring your domain is fast and easy. Enter the domain you wish to transfer to get started. Not sure where to begin? Simply follow these steps to transfer your domain name

Classic Domain Names covers the most popular commercial, non profit and community based domain extensions.
Pick from a variety of commercial domains including .COM, .NET, .CO and .BIZ or personal domains such as .INFO and .ME. And also provide a big selection of country specific domains, such as .US, .EU, .CA and .ASIA.

New Domain Names – new gTLD Domain Extension covers an exciting new range of domain name extensions.
Choose from our huge list of new domain name extensions including .menu, .systems, .management, .enterprises, .directory, .today, .center .guru, .clothing and .photo Domain Names.

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